Lightning Protection

(lightning protection specifications)

The National Fire Protection Association states: "There are few fire causes against which so reliable a defense is available" - as a lightning protection system, properly made and properly installed.

Why protect your home with lightning protection from Robbins Lightning?

  • Lightning kills over 600 american property owners each year, and injuries thousands more.
  • Lightning damage costs americans millions of dollars each year.
  • The cost of a lightning protection system from Robbins Lightning is so low you cannot afford to gamble with your family's safety.

Lightning Causes Terrible Disaster
Man, in modernizing his home, makes it a veritable powder keg of potential danger during a Lightning Storm. Pipes, wires, and all metal fixtures are perfect conductors for this violent force of nature; and the more they are used the greater risks we run with unprotected property.

The Modern Suburban and Small Town Home has become an Ideal Lightning Target, and the Home Owner would do well to recognize Lightning for the Destructive Force that it is and protect against this major Life and Fire Hazard.

During a Lightning Storm, the Earth's Static charges are searching for an upward path and are attracted to the metal objects found in the Modern Home such as Heating Equipment, Air Conditioning, Washers, Dryers, TV, Stoves, etc... Each metal object tends to become a Static Field ready to release the Static Charges and, consequently, adds to the Build-Up which electrifies the Building and makes it become a deadly Lightning Target.

The Installation of a Modern Lightning Protection System covering the entire building serves the purpose of making paths over which the Earth's charges can easily travel upward to the roof of the building to be dissipated off the sharp lightning rods, thereby eliminating a build-up of these charges which attract the Lightning Bolt.